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Since 2005, a team of specialists led by Joachim Böttcher has been researching Terra Preta do Indio, a manmade dark soil from the Amazon delta. Due to extensive, application-oriented research, the ancient formula could be retraced and then transferred into a modern, mass-production scale. The result is a premium soil – culture media, soil conditioner and organic fertilizer all in one – which is in almost all aspects not only equal to original Terra Preta, but even surpassing it.

Green Deal (145 KB)

In November 2009, Joachim Böttcher and juwi founded the international sales company Palaterra GmbH, whose goals are the advancement and comprehensive extension of the new Palaterra®technology. Not only does this technology guarantee sustainable agri- and horticultural productivity, it is also based on formerly redundant materials which can now add signifi cantly to the local value.

Green Revolution (162,7 KB)

We solved the puzzle: by extensive, application-oriented research, the formula for Terra Preta do Indio could be retraced; the manufacturing technique has been patented. We are now able to produce a black soil which is not only genetically identical to Terra Preta do Indio, but even surpassing it in its positive attributes.

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